Corrente Marxista Internacional



North America Latin America Europe Middle East Africa Australasia Asia


Nigeria – Campaign for a Workers Alternative
Magazine of Nigerian Marxists. In English.


Indonesia – Militan
The website of Militan, the Indonesian Marxist tendency. In Bahasa Indonesia.

Pakistan – Lal Salaam
The website of The Struggle, the Pakistani Marxist tendency. In Urdu.

Russia –
The website of the Marxist journal Brag Kapitala, and an Online Marxist Library. In Russian.


New Zealand – Socialist Appeal
The Marxist Voice of Labour and Youth in New Zealand. In English.

Latin America

Argentina – El Militante
The website of El Militante, the Argentinian Marxist magazine. In Spanish.

Bolivia – El Militante
The website of El Militante, the Bolivian Marxist magazine. In Spanish.

Brazil – Esquerda Marxista
The website of the Marxist Left, the Brazilian Marxist tendency.

Brazil – Movimento Negro Socialista
Website of the Brazilian Black Socialist Movement.

El Salvador – Bloque Popular Juvenil
The website of the Peoples’ Youth Block. In Spanish.

Mexico – La Izquierda Socialista
The website of La Izquierda Socialista, Marxist voice of workers and youth, the workers’ paper of the MORENA and the trade union activists in Mexico. In Spanish.

Venezuela – Lucha de Clases
The website of the Venezuelan Lucha de Clases, the Venezuela Marxist paper within the PSUV. In Spanish.

North America

Canada – Fightback
The website of Fightback, the Canadian Marxist magazine. In English.

Québec – Tendance Marxiste Internationale
The website of La Riposte, Marxists in Quebec. In French.

USA – Socialist Appeal
The website of the Workers’ International League. In English.

Middle East

Arabic –
Marxist Arabic website. This initiative is intended to respond to the growing demand for a Marxist alternative coming from the area stretching from Saudi Arabia over Palestine and Egypt to the Western corner of the Maghreb in Morocco.

Iran – Mobarezeye Tabagathi
Iranian Marxist website in Farsi.


Austria – Der Funke
The website of Der Funke, the Marxist left in Social democracy and trade unions. In German.

Belgium – Vonk
The website of Vonk, the Marxist paper in the trade union and socialist movement in Belgium. In Dutch.

Belgium – Unité Socialiste
The website of Unité Socialiste, the Marxist paper in the labour movement in Belgium. In French.

Britain – Socialist Appeal
The website of the British Marxists.

Denmark – Socialistisk Standpunkt
The website of the Danish Marxist magazine Socialistisk Standpunkt. In Danish.

France – Révolution
The website of Révolution (former La Riposte), the French Marxist magazine. In French.

Germany – Der Funke
The website of the German Marxist magazine Der Funke. In German.

Greece – Marxistiki Foni
The website of the Marxist magazine Marxistiki Foni in Greece. In Greek.

Ireland – Fightback
Journal of the International Marxist Tendency in Ireland. In English.

Italy – FalceMartello
The website of FalceMartello, the Italian Marxist tendency. In Italian.

Netherlands – Vonk
The website of Vonk in the Netherlands. Vonk is publishing articles in the Dutch language, offering a Marxist analysis about the situation in the Netherlands.

Russia –
The website of the Marxist journal Brag Kapitala, and an Online Marxist Library. In Russian.

Spain – Lucha de Clases
The website of the Marxist magazine Corriente Marxista Internacional in the Spanish state. In Spanish.

Sweden – Avanti!
Website of the Marxist tendency in the Left Party and the labour movement. In Swedish.

Switzerland – Der Funke
The website of Der Funke, the Swiss Marxist magazine. In German.

Yugoslavia – Crvena Kritika
Sajt za rehabilitaciju marksizma u Jugoslaviji. This is the site for the rehabilitation of Marxism in Yugoslavia. In Serbo-Croatian.

Campaigns and other websites

Hands off Venezuela
The website of the International solidarity campaign in defence of the Venezuelan Revolution.

New Youth
The website of Youth for International Socialism.
Website maintained by explaining the ideas of Leon Trotsky and linking to several key articles and books by Trotsky.

Ted Grant Internet Archive
See also: Ted Grant Commemoration Appeal

Marxist writers Internet Archive
Works by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and other Marxists made available on the Internet.